Kentish Plover

Conservation status

Least Concern

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Native Habitat

Coasts, Lake


Insects, Invertebrates


Kentish Plover

Charadrius alexandrinus

The Kentish Plover is a small wader in the plover bird family. Despite its name, this species no longer breeds in Kent, or even Great Britain. It breeds in a wide range, from southern Europe to Japan and in Ecuador, Peru, Chile, the southern United States and the Caribbean.

The Kentish Plover is 20 cm long. It is smaller, paler, longer-legged and thinner-billed than Ringed Plover. Its breast band is never complete, and usually just appears as dark lateral patches on the sides of the breast. The Kentish Plover's upperparts are greyish brown and the underparts white in all plumages. The breast markings are black in summer adults, otherwise brown. Breeding males of some races have a black forehead bar and a black mask through the eye. The legs are black. In flight, the flight feathers are blackish with a strong white wing bar. The flight call is a sharp bip.

Regional Names
  • Bengali:
    কেন্টিশ জিরিয়া
  • Gujarati:
    ભુલામણી ઢોંગીલી
  • Malayalam:
  • Marathi:
    केंटिश चिखली
  • Nepali:
    अलकचन्द्र राजपुत्रिका
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Charadrius alexandrinus