Lesser Sand Plover

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Least Concern

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Insects, Crustaceans


Lesser Sand Plover

Charadrius mongolus

It breeds above the tree line in the Himalayas and discontinuously across to bare coastal plains in north-eastern Siberia, with the Mongolian Plover in the eastern part of the range; it has also bred in Alaska. It nests in a bare ground scrape, laying three eggs. This species is strongly migratory, wintering on sandy beaches in east Africa, south Asia and Australasia.

This plover is long-legged and long-billed. Breeding males have grey backs and white underparts. The breast, forehead and nape are chestnut, and there is a black eye mask. The female is duller, and winter and juvenile birds lack the chestnut, apart from a hint of rufous on the head. Legs are dark and the bill black.

Regional Names
  • Gujarati:
    નાની રાતળ ટીટોડી, નાની ઢોંગીલી
  • Malayalam:
    മംഗോളിയൻ മണൽക്കോഴി
  • Marathi:
    रेती चिखल्या
  • Nepali:
    मंगोल राजपुत्रिका

Charadrius mongolus