Yellow-wattled Lapwing

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Least Concern

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Native Habitat

Open country


Beetles, Termites, Other Invertebrates


Yellow-wattled Lapwing

Vanellus malabaricus

The Yellow-wattled Lapwing is from a lapwing family which is a group of medium sized waders. It is a non-migratory breeder restricted to the Indian Subcontinent and is found on the dry plains. Although they do not migrate, they are known to make seasonal movements in response to rains.

Like other lapwings and plovers, they are ground birds and their nest is a mere collection of tiny pebbles within which their well camouflaged eggs are laid. The chicks are nidifugous, leaving the nest shortly after hatching and following their parents to forage for food.

These are conspicuous and unmistakable birds found in dry stony and open grassland or scrub habitats. They are medium-sized pale brown waders with a black crown which is separated from the brown on the neck by a narrow white band and large yellow facial wattles. The chin and throat are black and the brown neck and upper breast is separated from the white belly by a narrow blackish line. The tail has a subterminal black band which does not extend into the outer tail-feathers. There is a white wingbar on the inner half of the wing. The bill is yellow at the base. They have tiny yellow carpal spurs. The crown feathers can be raised slightly in displays. They are mostly sedentary but populations make long distance movements in response to the monsoons.

Regional Names
  • Gujarati:
    વગડાઉ ટીટોડી, પારસણ ટીટોડી
  • Hindi:
  • Malayalam:
    മഞ്ഞക്കണ്ണി തിത്തിരി
  • Marathi:
    माळटिटवी, पीतमुखी टिटवी
  • Nepali:
    दोयम हुटिट्याउँ
  • Punjabi:
    ਪੀਲੀ ਟਟੀਹਰੀ
  • Sanskrit:
    पीतमुखी टिट्टिभ
  • Tamil:
    மஞ்சள் மூக்கு ஆள்காட்டி
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Vanellus malabaricus