Western Tragopan

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Alternate Names

Western-horned Tragopan

Native Habitat

Dense Forests


Leaves, Shoots, Seeds, Insects, Invertebrates


Western Tragopan

Tragopan melanocephalus

The western tragopan is a medium-sized brightly plumaged pheasant found along the Himalayas from Hazara in northern Pakistan in the west to Uttarakhand within India to the east. The species is highly endangered and globally threatened. The male is very dark, grey and black with numerous white spots, each spot bordered with black and deep crimson patches on the sides and back of the neck. The throat is bare with blue skin while the bare facial skin is red. They have a small black occipital crest. Females have pale brownish-grey upper parts finely vermiculated and spotted with black, and most of the feathers have black patches and central white streaks. Immature males resemble females, but are larger in size with longer legs and variable amount of black on head and red on neck.

Regional Names
  • Hindi:
    जेवर, जुजुराणा
  • Tamil:
    மேற்கத்திய டிராகோபான்
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Tragopan melanocephalus

Quick Facts
  • It is a state bird of Himachal Pradesh.