Scarlet Minivet

Conservation status

Least Concern

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Alternate Names


Native Habitat

Forests, Woodland


Insects, Larvae


Scarlet Minivet

Pericrocotus flammeus speciosus

The Scarlet Minivet is a small passerine bird. This minivet is found in tropical southern Asia from the Indian subcontinent east to southern China, Indonesia, and the Philippines. They are common resident breeding birds in forests and other well-wooded habitats including gardens, especially in hilly country. While the male is scarlet to orange with black upper parts, the females are usually yellow with greyish olive upper parts.

The Scarlet Minivet is 25 cm long with a strong dark beak and long wings.The male has black upperparts and head, and scarlet underparts, tail edges, rump and wing patches. The shape and color of the wing patches and the shade or orange in the male varies across populations. The female is grey above, with yellow underparts, tail edges, rump and wing patches.

Regional Names
  • Gujarati:
    કેશરિયો રાજાલાલ, મોટો રાજાલાલ
  • Hindi:
    पहाड़ी बुललचष्म
  • Marathi:
    लाल निखार
  • Sanskrit:
    शोण विष्फुलिंग
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Pericrocotus flammeus speciosus