River Lapwing

Conservation status

Near Threatened

Population Trend


Alternate Names


Native Habitat

Wet Grassland


Insects, Worms, Crustaceans, Molluscs


River Lapwing

Vanellus duvaucelii

The River Lapwing has a black crest, crown, face and central throat and grey-white neck sides and nape. It has a grey-brown breast band and white underparts with a black belly patch. The back is brown, the rump is white and the tail is black. This is a striking species in flight, with black primaries, white under wings and upper wing secondaries, and brown upper wing coverts. Adults of both sexes are similarly plumaged, but males are slightly larger than females. Young birds have the brown tips to the black head feathers, a sandier brown back, and pale fringes to the upperpart and wing covert feathers.

Regional Names
  • Marathi:
    नदीकाठची टिटवी
  • Nepali:
    खोले हुटिट्याउँ
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Vanellus duvaucelii