Jungle Owlet

Conservation status

Least Concern

Population Trend


Alternate Names

Barred Jungle Owlet

Native Habitat



Insects, Small birds, Reptiles, Rodents


Jungle Owlet

Glaucidium radiatum

The Jungle Owlet is found in India and the dry zone of Sri Lanka. The species are usually detected by their calls at dawn and dusk. This small owlet has a rounded head and is finely barred all over. There is no clear facial disk and the wings are brownish and the tail is narrowly barred in white.

The plumage on the upper parts is dark black brown barred with white. The wing coverts have white and rufous patches. The primaries and secondaries are dark brown and barred with pale chestnut. The lower side is whitish or pale rufous barred with black. There is a whitish patch on the chin, upper breast and centre of the abdomen. The iris is yellow, the bill and tarsi are greenish with black claws.

Regional Names
  • Bengali:
    ছোট কালপেঁচা
  • Gujarati:
    વન ચિબરી
  • Hindi:
    जंगली छुघड
  • Malayalam:
    ചെമ്പൻ നത്ത്
  • Marathi:
    जंगली पिंगळा, पिंजरा
  • Nepali:
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Glaucidium radiatum