Indian Yellow Tit

Conservation status

Least Concern

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Alternate Names

Indian Black-lored Tit

Native Habitat



Insects, Spiders, Fruits


Indian Yellow Tit

Parus xanthogenys aplonotus

The Indian Yellow Tit is a small, mostly black-and-yellow bird with a long crest. It is 15cm long.

The male is strikingly colored with forehead, cheek patch and underparts rich yellow. The cap, crest, back, wing coverts and vent are black. Rear of crest white. Wings light blue with white outer edges. Female: Crest slightly shorter, duller with olive-green back; lacks ventral spot. Juvenile: Paler with whitish underparts. Iris, dark brown; bill, black; legs, gray. Found in ones, twos or small flocks. Forages for insects in mid-story forest canopy. May join mixed-species foraging flocks in non-breeding season. Breeds in April. Nests in a cavity of a tall tree. Clutch size 3-4 eggs.

While Yellow Tit may always have been uncommon, the population has been further reduced by felling of broadleaved forests. It is unable to occupy marginal habitats such as edge and scrub, plantations of conifers and bamboo. At one time, Yellow Tit was captured during large-scale netting of wild birds for export. Much of its habitat is now secure in national parks, nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries.

Regional Names
  • Marathi:
    पिवळा बल्गुली
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Parus xanthogenys aplonotus