Greenish Warbler

Conservation status

Least Concern

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Alternate Names

Dull Green Leaf Warbler

Native Habitat



Insects, Caterpillars


Greenish Warbler

Phylloscopus trochiloides

The Greenish Warblers are widespread leaf-warblers throughout their breeding range in northeastern Europe and temperate to subtropical continental Asia. This warbler is strongly migratory and winters in India. It is not uncommon as a spring or early autumn vagrant in Western Europe and is annually seen in Great Britain.

This is a typical leaf-warbler in appearance, grayish-green above and off-white below. The single wing bar found in the southern and western populations distinguishes them from most similar species. It is slightly smaller than that species and has a thinner bill, without a dark tip to the lower mandible.

It breeds in lowland deciduous or mixed forest; non-breeding birds in the warmer parts of its range may move to montane habitat in summer. Individuals from southeast of the Himalayas are for example quite often seen in Bhutan during the hot months, typically in humid Bhutan Fir forest up to about 3,800 meters or more, but they do not breed there and return again to the adjacent subtropical lowlands in winter.

The nest is on the ground in low shrub. Like its relatives, this small passerine is insectivorous.

Regional Names
  • Bengali:
    সবজে ফুটকি
  • Gujarati:
    લીલાશ વાળો કીટકીટ, લીલો કીટકીટ, ઝાંખી લીલી ફુત્કી
  • Malayalam:
    ഇളം‌പച്ച പൊടിക്കുരുവി
  • Marathi:
    हिरवट पर्णी वटवट्या
  • Nepali:
    जीवल फिस्टो
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Phylloscopus trochiloides