Eurasian Magpie

Conservation status

Least Concern

Population Trend


Alternate Names

Black-billed Magpie, Common Magpie

Native Habitat

Open countryside


Small birds, Eggs, small mammals, insects, grains


Eurasian Magpie

Pica pica

The Eurasian magpie is a resident breeding bird throughout Europe, much of Asia and northwest Africa.

The head, neck and breast are glossy black with a metallic green and violet sheen; the belly and scapulars (shoulder feathers) are pure white; the wings are black glossed with green or purple, and the primaries have white inner webs, conspicuous when the wing is open. The graduated tail is black, glossed with green and reddish purple. The legs and bill are black; the iris is dark brown. The plumage of the sexes is similar but females are slightly smaller.

The magpie is omnivorous, eating young birds and eggs, small mammals, insects, scraps and carrion, acorns, grain, and other vegetable substances.

Regional Names
  • Bengali:
    কালোঠুঁটি তাউরা
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Pica pica

Quick Facts
  • It is one of the most intelligent birds, and is believed to be one of the most intelligent of all animals. The expansion of its nidopallium is approximately the same in its relative size as the brain of chimpanzees, orangutans and humans.