Brown Wood Owl

Conservation status

Least Concern

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Native Habitat

Dense Forests


Small mammals, birds, reptiles


Brown Wood Owl

Strix leptogrammica

The Brown Wood Owl is an owl which is a resident breeder in south Asia from India and Sri Lanka. It is medium large (45-57 cm), with upperparts uniformly dark brown, with faint white spotting on the shoulders. The underparts are buff with brown streaking. The facial disc is brown or rufous, edged with white and without concentric barring, and the eyes are dark brown. There is a white neckband. The sexes are similar. It is an uncommon resident bird of dense forests. This species is very nocturnal but it can often be located by the small birds that mob it while it is roosting in a tree. It feeds mainly on small mammals birds and reptiles. It nests in a hole in a tree or on a forked trunk, laying two eggs.

Regional Names
  • Gujarati:
    કથ્થાઈ વન ઘુવડ
  • Malayalam:
    കൊല്ലി കുറവൻ
  • Marathi:
    तपकिरी वन घुबड
  • Nepali:
    चश्मे उल्लू
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Strix leptogrammica