Blue Rock Thrush

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Least Concern

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Insects, Berries


Blue Rock Thrush

Monticola solitarius

The Blue Rock Thrush is a species of chat. This species breeds in southern Europe and northwest Africa, and from central Asia to northern China and Malaysia.

The European, north African and southeast Asian birds are mainly resident, apart from altitudinal movements. Other Asian populations are more migratory, wintering in sub-Saharan Africa, India and southeast Asia. This bird is a very uncommon visitor to northern and western Europe.

Blue Rock Thrush breeds in open mountainous areas, usually higher than the breeding zone of the related Rufous-tailed Rock Thrush. It nests in rock cavities and walls, and usually lays 3-5 eggs. An omnivore, the Blue Rock Thrush eats a wide variety of insects and small reptiles in addition to berries and seeds.

This is a starling-sized bird, 25 cm in length with a long slim bill. The summer male is unmistakable, with all blue-grey plumage apart from its darker wings. Females and immatures are much less striking, with dark brown upperparts, and paler brown scaly underparts. Both male and female lack the reddish outer tail feathers of Rock Thrush.

Regional Names
  • Gujarati:
    પાન્ડુ શામા, નિલ કસ્તુરો
  • Hindi:
    काश्मिरी कस्तुरी
  • Malayalam:
  • Marathi:
    निळा कस्तूर, नीलकस्तुरी
  • Nepali:
    उमा चाँचर
  • Sanskrit:
    पाण्डु श्यामा, पाण्डविक

Monticola solitarius

Quick Facts
  • It is the national bird of Malta.