Black-naped Oriole

Conservation status

Least Concern

Population Trend


Alternate Names


Native Habitat

Forests, Plantations


Fruits, Insects, Nectar


Black-naped Oriole

Oriolus chinensis

The Black-naped Oriole is found in many parts of Asia. Unlike the Golden Oriole which only has a short and narrow eye-stripe, the black-naped oriole has the stripe broadening and joining at the back of the neck. Males and females are very similar although the wing lining of the female is more greenish. The bill is pink and is stouter than in the Golden Oriole.

It is medium-sized and overall golden with a strong pinkish bill and a broad black mask and nape. The adult male has the central tail feathers tipped yellow and the lateral ones are more broadly yellow. The female has the mantle colour more greenish or olive. The juvenile has a streaked underside. The nestling has dull greenish with brown streaks. The head and nape are more yellowish and the undertail coverts are yellow.

It is found in forests, gardens and plantations. It feeds on berries and insects in the canopy.

Regional Names
  • Bhojpuri:
    चीनी पीलक, करिया मउरा वाला पीलक
  • Malayalam:
    ചീന മഞ്ഞക്കിളി
  • Marathi:
    काळ्या मानेचा हळद्या
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Oriolus chinensis