Black-bellied Sandgrouse

Conservation status

Least Concern

Population Trend


Alternate Names

Imperial Sandgrouse

Native Habitat

Bushy, arid land


Grass seeds


Black-bellied Sandgrouse

Pterocles orientalis

The black-bellied sandgrouse is a medium large bird breeds on dry open plains and similar habitats, but avoids areas completely lacking in vegetation. Its nest is a ground scrape into which three greenish eggs with cryptic markings are laid. Both sexes incubate, but only the male brings water.

The black-bellied sandgrouse is 15 in long and weighs 600 gms. The male has a grey head, neck, and breast. The underparts are black and the upperparts are golden-brown with darker markings. There is a thin black border around the lower breast, and a chestnut throat patch. The female has browner, more finely marked upperparts, including the head and the breast. The underparts and breast band are identical to the male.

Regional Names
  • Hindi:
    शाही भट तीतर
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Pterocles orientalis