Bank Myna

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Bank Myna

Acridotheres ginginianus

Bank Myna is a myna found in South Asia. It is smaller but similar in colouration to the Common Myna but differs in having a brick red bare skin behind the eye in place of yellow. It is greyer on the underside and in this and in the presence of a slight tuft of feathers bears some resemblance to the Jungle Myna. They are found in flocks on the plains of northern and central India, often within towns and cities. Their range appears to be extending southwards in India. The name is derived from their habit of nesting almost exclusively in the earthen banks of rivers where they excavate holes and breed in large colonies.

The head is black on the crown and sides and the upper plumage is slaty grey while the underside is lighter grey with pale pink plumage towards the centre of the abdomen. The wing is black but has a wing patch at the base of the primaries and the tips of the outer tail feathers are pale pinkish buff. The naked skin behind the eye is brick red, the legs are yellow while the iris is deep red. The sexes are indistinguishable in the field. Young birds have a browner head and neck.

Regional Names
  • Assamese:
    গাং শালিকা
  • Bhojpuri:
    गंगा मैना
  • Gujarati:
    શિરાજી કાબર, ઘોડા કાબર
  • Hindi:
    गंगा मैना
  • Marathi:
    गंगा मैना
  • Sanskrit:
    गंगा सारिका
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Acridotheres ginginianus