Amur Falcon

Conservation status

Least Concern

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Alternate Names

Eastern Red-footed Falcon

Native Habitat



Termites, Dragonflies, Small Birds, Amphibians


Amur Falcon

Falco amurensis

The Amur Falcon is a small raptor of the falcon family. It breeds in south-eastern Siberia and Northern China, wintering in Southern Africa. Its diet consists mainly of insects, such as termites.

Males are characteristically dark sooty brown, and may offer confusion with melanistic Gabar Goshawk, but the chestnut on the vent should prevent confusion here. Also there may be some superficial resemblance to Sooty Falcon and Grey Kestrel, but those two species both have yellow feet and cere. Separating male Amur and Red-footed Falcons is best done by the white under-wing coverts on Amur Falcon, whereas the under-wing of male Red-footed Falcons is uniformly grey.

Females may offer a bit more confusion with a wider range of falcons as they have a typical falcon head pattern. The grey on the top of the head should quickly rule out confusion with Red-footed Falcons. The female has barring on the lower belly. Red cere and feet rule out all other falcons.

For juveniles, red feet should restrict ID to the Amur and Red-footed group, and the darker crown and lack of buff all the way up the belly rules out Western Red-footed Falcon. Females and juveniles lack the buff under-wing coverts of Red-footed Falcon.

Regional Names
  • Gujarati:
    લાલપગ શાહીન
  • Malayalam:
    അമ്യൂർ ഫാൽക്കൺ
  • Marathi:
    अमूर ससाणा
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Falco amurensis

Quick Facts
  • Migratory flocks of these often mill around at sunset before roosting on trees.